Fallbrook's French Bulldogs is a reputable French Bulldog breeding kennel located in Northern California.We strive to breed quality French Bulldog puppies resulting in quality French Bulldogs males and French Bulldog females. We also host French Bulldog play dates for French Bulldogs bred at our kennel and our Frenchie friends. We also offer French Bulldog or any breed Photography/photo sessions for some beautiful pictures.

Our French Bulldog puppies are well socialized starting from birth, creating outgoing, social, and personable companions.They are used to a variety of noises from the television to family members and even some of their toys make different noises. Our French Bulldog puppies experience different stimuli throughout the day.

Sometimes they go on field trips i.e. playtime at our Horses, Grandma's home, Park and so on.

If you have any questions regarding French Bulldogs, training French Bulldogs, socializing puppies, purchasing French Bulldog puppies, French Bulldog Photography, French Bulldog breeders located in and out of Sacramento, shipping French Bulldogs, French Bulldog compatibility please contact us at

GrindstoneAB@sbcglobal.net or 916-904-2051

We would like to thank you for you interest in French Bulldogs, but more importantly your interest in Fallbrooks French Bulldogs. We ship our puppies in the USA and Abroad

We are proud to say that our French Bulldog Puppies are of the best quality!



Fallbrook's Chocolate Cutter of Dandylionz


The featured male of the month is Fallbrook's Chocolate Cutter of Dandylionz aka "Cutter"

Cutter is a super sweet, athletic, outgoing, and versatile chocolate Frenchie who epitomizes the versatility of the breed. He is a proven producer of color, confirmation, personality and versatility. He is not only great with kids and dogs of all sizes and age, he loves going to play with the horses and play at the park. His favorite person is his 3 month old niece.



Please contact us if you have any questions.


Available Frenchies:



7 month old Blue Sable Pied Male

He is a super socialized, super friendly and outgoing boy. He loves toys, cuddles and trips to the park and coffee shop.

Microchipped, ACK registered, UTD on shots/deworming.




11 month old Black Brindle (98% Black) Male

Coaster is a gorgeous male who carries Cream, Blue, Chocolate and Fawn gene.

He loves to go anywhere and everywhere to meet new people. He has heavy bone and substance which would be a great addition to any breeding program.

Microchipped, ACK registered, UTD on shots/deworming.